Google: Speed on a mobile will be a ranking signal from July 2018

Is your website fast-loading and easy to use on a mobile? The Google “Speed Update” is due to be rolled out in July this year, and will alter the algorithm, heavily affecting mobile rankings for slow websites.

We’ve all heard the 50%+ statistics about how many users browse on a mobile device compared to a desktop, and therefore how important it is to have a responsive website, however until now speed was only taken into account on desktop search engine results.

Google have new ranking algorithm that will be put in place in July, which will impact search queries made on a mobile device and show results that deliver a fast experience, penalising those websites that are slow to load and use on mobile.

Google have developed PageSpeed Insights and the Mobile-Friendly test, which checks your website on a 3G mobile connection, so we can get a detailed analysis to what can be improved. PageSpeed Insights uses data from the Chrome Browser, so doesn’t have enough data to reliably measure smaller sites so for some users the report is unavailable, however it’ll still give you an overall score.

It was 2010 when Google announced page speed is a desktop ranking factor, so it’s taken 8 years for the algorithm to look at how fast your mobile pages are, and use that as a ranking factor in mobile search.

If your website is slow on a mobile, or doesn’t score high using the above tools, it’s worth chatting to our team. We may be able to work on your current website and make low-cost improvements to ensure your rankings aren’t damaged in the next few months. Drop us an email at rich@funkedesigns.co.uk, or give us a call today.

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